“Pin Consult was able to come into our business (which is not particularly sales focused) and enable us to look at our business strategy from a different angle. He broke things down in a way that made it simple to understand and action. And although he has a sales focus, Gareth didn’t feel like your typical salesman. He’s also a really easy guy to work with. Such a pleasure to go on the journey with him”

Terri Martin, General Manager

Presentation Studio

"Pin Consult provided a fresh and practical point of view and guided us through a process of planning our strategic thinking for the next 5 years. Gareth's fresh prospective provided a clear advantage and his enthusiastic facilitation kept us on track.”

Emma Bannister, Founder & CEO
Presentation Studio

“Pin Consult provided an enthusiastic, professional and bespoke value add training session to our sales team. Most importantly the setup, content and follow up was outstanding and the value recognised will be beneficial to the STOROpack Australia business going forward.”

Peter Blakeley, Managing Director
STOROpack Australia, Pty Ltd

“Pin Consult helped us clearly articulate what we stand for and then gave us the tools to help drive our business.  It was Gareth’s ability to adapt to our needs and passion to help us succeed that made all the difference.”

Will Soulsby, Director
Shadow Wolves Insights to Action

“Over the last few months, Gareth has played an instrumental role in helping us
develop and refine some of our core business competencies. In addition to helping
us shape our key selling propositions and pitches, he generously shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of selling and gave us invaluable tools and processes to upskill in this area.

In his consultative role, Gareth displayed a great balance between listening and instructing, understanding our issues and objectives clearly and then sharing insights
and delivering practical outcomes and solutions.”

Lauren Kurensky, Director
Shadow Wolves Insights to Action

“I'm a classic case of spending too much time in the business and not enough time on it. I spent 2 very valuable half days with Gareth from Pin Consult.  He had put a lot of thought into it and came up with some really clever ideas. He understood my business and helped me understand my competitive advantages and more importantly to be better able to pitch them. I look forward to continuing my partnership with Pin Consult.”

Dan Morley, Managing Director
Morley Executive

“I have worked with Pin Consult over the past three months and during that time Gareth has provided valuable input and advice, which has helped me better understand some business challenges (& options to overcome them), and clarify the direction I am heading."

Dan Gillespie, Director
H2O Plumbing Services Pty Ltd