"Living in a cave does not make you a geologist."

You need a plan and a goal...   

And then take responsibility to achieve it.

I believe that everyone can learn, purpose can be developed, and we can all become leaders.

Luckily there is a well-trodden path - based on one of the world's most popular coaching models - which you can follow to improve your performance:


*Source John Whitmore. Performance Consultants International (2015).

If you are interested in developing your potential try

'The Perfect Day Exercise'

Find 30-minutes when you can be by yourself and not get interrupted. Grab some pen and paper and ask yourself the questions below, writing down the answers, without over thinking it. Do not worry about how realistic you think your answers are, or whether you can afford to do what activities you are writing down…

Just write and be brutally honest…

  • What would my perfect day look like?

  • Who am I spending time with?

  • Where am I travelling to?

  • Where am I living?

  • What are my hobbies / interests?

  • Where do I work?

  • What am I working on?

Once you’ve finished, review what you’ve written down highlighting or circling any words, phrases or sentences that really stand out for you?  Sleep on it, then have another look at what you have created – note down any other thoughts that come to mind as you are reviewing what you have written.


  1. Become happier and more motivated

  2. Align your work and play with your strengths, goals and value system

  3. Learn some straightforward techniques and methodologies, adopted from world-class leaders, to unlock your true potential

“He is an inspiring and

encouraging leader…”

Darryl Murray
Minor Works Supervisor Wormald