Whether it is creating a performance culture, reward scheme or business development strategy Pin Consult can help you maximise your profit through sales force effectiveness.

  • Creating a team pulse

  • Performance management

  • Pipeline management

  • Goals & Objectives (G&Os)

  • Reward schemes

  • Transactional sales models

  • Sales promotions

  • Tender response framework

  • Selling Total Economic Value (TEV)

  • Value propositions & elevator statements   

  • CRM analysis

  • Customer Insights

  • Growth versus fixed mindsets

  • Leading versus lagging indicators

  • Activity based sales management models

  • Negotiation techniques

  • Presentation skills

Demonstrated success

A sales pulse + Goals & Objectives (G&Os) + reward program



  • Created a G&O program including sales, pipeline, collaboration and professional growth goals

  • Introduced a reward scheme tied to the G&O program, including short-term non-monetary incentives and minimal discretionary payouts


  • Worked alongside senior management and collaboratively with the sales team to create the G&O program - including quarterly reviews

  • Sought commitment and created internal alignment to rollout a new reward scheme


  • Working in an environment with minimal performance management history

  • Getting senior management commitment to reward performance differently

  • Getting buy-in from the sales force considering history of discretionary payments



  • Created measurable KPIs and goals which improved moral, provided direction, increased transparency and alignment (removed the grey) within the business

  • Created a friendly competitive culture in part through non-monetary rewards

  • Delivered 125%+ performance against sales budget


Total Economic Value (TEV) selling technique



  • Successfully used the TEV selling technique to promote a heavily engineered support solution that cost up to 50% more than competitor’s products


  • The positive differentiation value was linked to the strength of our solution allowing the customer to purchase less additional supporting material from a third party.  Therefore, reducing the total cost of ownership (even though our products were x1.5 more expensive)



  • Getting to the right decision makers

  • Educating and convincing the buyers (calculators and case studies)



  • Multiple projects won and delivered over 30% YOY revenue growth two years running

Brand awareness + influencing strategy



  • A long-term specification strategy designed to influence the influencers


  • Analysed the target market and identified a key group of influencers who we were not currently dealing with.  I then created a business development plan to build relationships, increase our brand awareness and promote our solution’s competitive advantage (why they should specify our product over the competitors)


  • Directly linking our efforts with results (ROA = shift goal down from Results to Objectives)

  • A new target market with different needs for our sales organisation



  • Built strong relationships with large network of influencers

  • More than doubled brand specification delivering additional revenue of over $1million after the first year



Negotiation training



  • Tender renewal from a 10+ year old longstanding customer with a recently hired General Manager (GM) focused on cost reduction


  • The GM hired a third-party procurement expert who went to market and indicated our price was more than 10% higher than the competition

  • We understood our walkaway price, knew the value (value proposition / TEV) we had to offer and were not afraid to ask for a commitment


  • New decision maker (GM) with a focus on cost and a point to prove

  • New external influencer

  • New relationship with both the GM and the third-party influencer



  • Retained the business at a 3% premium

Reducing Risk

Risk exists when we do nothing and when we make an investment or major decision. Understanding that risk and putting a plan in place to mitigate it is what we do.

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Finding Time

Time is our most precious asset and every year we seem to have less of it.  Let me help you save 1 hour a day which will give you an extra 6 weeks a year to improve your business.

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Strategic Execution

Utilising a proven strategic process model, I work with your organisation to create and execute successful strategies delivering profitable growth.  

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