Time is our most precious asset and every year we seem to have less of it. Let me help you save 1 hour a day which will give you an extra 6 weeks a year to improve your business.

  • Time management techniques

  • Task prioritisation techniques

  • Qualifying techniques and models

Demonstrated success

High Payoff Activity (HPA) time



  • Introduced HPA activity time from 9am – 12pm Tuesday through Friday 


  • Promoted and enforced it



  • Overcoming negativity from some employees

  • Reinforcing the schedule in the first few weeks and maintaining it on an ongoing basis



  • Reduced face2face interruptions increasing management productivity


Email + phone + multi-tasking time management



  • Removed all social and email notifications from phone

  • Created blocks of time where no emails were actioned

  • Sometimes turned the phone completely off (!)


  • Did what I said I’d do and encouraged my team to do the same

  • Made sure contacts knew that if they needed an urgent response then they had to text or phone me


  • None


  • No lost or angry customers

  • Reduced stress levels and improved productivity

Maximising Profit

Whether it is creating a performance culture, reward scheme or business development strategy Pin Consult can help you maximise your profit through sales force effectiveness.

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Reducing Risk

Risk exists when we do nothing and when we make an investment or major decision. Understanding that risk and putting a plan in place to mitigate it is what we do.

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Strategic Execution

Utilising the Making Strategies Work process model I work with your organisation to create and execute a successful strategic business model. 

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