By doing nothing, creating a strategy or making an investment you create risk.  Understanding that risk and putting a plan in place to mitigate it is what we do.

  • Account & retention strategies

  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

  • Candidate selection & interviewing techniques

  • The 3 Horizons Framework
    [Source: Mehrdad Baghai, Stephen Coley & David White, The Alchemy of Growrh, New York: Persueus Publishing, 1999]

Demonstrated success

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) 



  • Uncovered and successfully managed underperformers executing multiple PIPs


  • Stated clear expectations to the sales force of what performance meant, including Results, Objectives and Activities (ROA)

  • Took onboard feedback and ‘managed expectations up’

  • Followed the performance management process and mentored individual team members


  • Time management

  • Remaining objective

  • Managing team moral (less of a challenge than some might think)



  • Increased sales force efficiency and effectiveness by having the right people in the right roles

Major Account Plans (MAPs) + retention tender schedule 


  • Created MAPs for the top 3 accounts per sales rep

  • Introduced a retention tender schedule for all relevant customers


  • Worked collaboratively creating the MAP templates

  • Agreed who the internal owners and stakeholders were

  • Built retention tender schedule


  • Hitting the deadline for the first draft MAPs being completed

  • Getting all renewal dates onto schedule by the self-imposed deadline

  • Some middle management buy-in


  • Completed all MAPs and the retention tender schedule, including quarterly MAP reviews

  • Included quarterly review and maintenance of MAPs as G&O metric

  • Improved major account retention rate by 7% in year one

Maximising Profit

Whether it is creating a performance culture, reward scheme or business development strategy Pin Consult can help you maximise your profit through sales force effectiveness.

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Finding Time

Time is our most precious asset and every year we seem to have less of it. Let me help you save 1 hour a day which will give you an extra 6 weeks a year to improve your business.

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Strategic Execution

Utilising the Making Strategies Work process model I work with your organisation to create and execute a successful strategic business model. 

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