Utilising the Making Strategies Work process model*, together we create and execute a successful business optimisation strategy.

*Source: MacLennan, A. F. & Roberts, A. (2016) Making Strategies Work, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. Used with permission.

The Making Strategies Work Process model

The role of each element of the process can be summarised as follows



  • The highest-level objective(s) to be achieved

Environmental analysis:

  • Systematic identification of barriers to achieving the mission or enablers that assist in its achievement, now or in the future



  • How to harness the enablers and overcome the barriers to achieve the mission

Critical Success Factors (CSFs):

  • The limited number of things that must go well for the strategy to work

Critical Activities (CAs):

  • The activities that must be carried out well to achieve the Critical Success Factors

Organisational design, processes and systems:

  • Grouping of activities into an organisational structure, and organisation of internal processes and systems to support the effective and efficient execution of the business activities

Maximising Profit

Whether it is creating a performance culture, reward scheme or business development strategy Pin Consult can help you maximise your profit through sales force effectiveness.

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Reducing Risk

By doing nothing, creating a strategy or making an investment you create risk. Understanding that risk and putting a plan in place to mitigate it is what we do.

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Finding Time

Time is our most precious asset and every year we seem to have less of it. Let me help you save 1 hour a day which will give you an extra 6 weeks a year to improve your business.

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