Improving employee experience, performance and sales 





Our most powerful workshop will teach your team proven productivity hacks and strategies to improve their performance and develop a winning mindset .


Champion Mindsets is a three-hour long Performance, Productivity and Leadership Training Workshop. Content is based on global best practice and validated by proven evidence-based theories. Our workshop is aimed at all staff levels and can be attended by managers, sales teams and/or operational support teams.


  • Become aware of leadership behaviours and techniques that world-class business people, athletes, and artists use to improve their performance (including decision making techniques, deliberate practise and active listening). 

  • Recognise the importance of and learn development techniques to build an always on, ‘positive’ Winning Mindset. 

  • Find more time in the day by adopting simple productivity hacks and time management techniques used successfully by global leaders. 




The most flexible, low-risk and high return consultancy solutions which deliver the outcomes you need .

Versatile ‘blocks of time’ give you access to global best practise and thought leadership in sales, competitive strategy and performance development. Allocated where you need it most, with the flexibility to adjust at any time.


Following a precise needs analysis, you choose how much to invest to maximise your return.



  • Profitable growth

  • Improved employee experience

  • Enhanced customer engagement

  • Greater understanding of organisational culture, alignment, purpose and vision

  • Better understanding of the sales process and the most effective metrics to measure success

​Satisfaction guaranteed or receive 100% 

of your investment back




proven 6-step hybrid training program for B2B organisations. The Performance Bridge incorporates world-class thought leadership and global best practise in performance development, leadership and sales training.


  • Accelerated sales growth and customer engagement

  • Happier and more motivated team

  • Enhanced alignment between the individual, team and business goals

  • Improved team efficiency and effectiveness

  • Greater understanding of your ideal customer, their needs and buying influences

  • Your competitive advantage defined, and meaningful and relevant value propositions created

Satisfaction guaranteed or receive 100%

of your investment back


4. THE 'BOS'

The 'BOS' (Business Optimisation Strategy) is a proven 6-step strategic process model* that teaches you a straightforward framework to create and then execute the right business strategy for your organisation.

*Source: MacLennan, A. F. & Roberts, A. (2016) Making Strategies Work, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. Used with permission.


  • Define your Mission

  • Understand the logic and methodologies within the process model’s stages

  • Create your strategy, Critical Success Factors, Critical Activities and organisational design to achieve said Mission

  • Create your own strategic process model to deliver the business results that you are aiming for

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encouraging leader…”

Darryl Murray
Minor Works Supervisor Wormald